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Living Wall

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  Light Level VAV 1-10 FC FC

Living Wall PlantsNEDLAW Living Walls™ create better indoor spaces by cleaning air with the same processes that nature uses every day, so everyone can live, work and breathe a little easier.

The Living Wall system, which use lush, green plants and beneficial microbes, produce high quality indoor air, yet do so in perhaps the most effective, energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Putting nature to work

NEDLAW active Living Walls systems represent a hybridization of two technologies that are quickly gaining in use in remediating contaminated soils, water and air in outdoor and industrial settings. These technologies are biofiltration (biological systems that use beneficial microbes to break organic pollutants down to their benign constituents), and phyto-remediation (the use of green plants to facilitate the remediation or reclamation of contaminated soils or water).

Living Wall Cross SectionNEDLAW repackages these established approaches into a system that is specifically designed for the rigours of the indoor environment. NEDLAW Living Walls packages nature's ability to remove contaminants in an aesthetically pleasing format, and adapts it to the indoor environment.

Air is cleaned through completely natural means using processes that use no artificial chemicals. Many alternative means of cleaning the indoor environment rely on passing the air through filters with a range of chemicals that work like sponges to capture contaminants out of the air as they pass through the material. But like a sponge these filters become saturated, and once saturated they can no longer remove any contaminants. At they end of their life cycle, these filters must be disposed of along with the contaminants they contain. The filters themselves become hazardous waste, dangerous to humans and to the environment.

Active Living Walls are an ecologically friendly alternative in which air pollutants are broken down into their benign constituents. Although Living Walls are typically designed to last over twenty years, the biological aspects have the ability to continue with their functions forever. The biological component of active Living Walls is self-repairing and self-rejuvenating.

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The power of plants

Living Wall Plant DetailAlthough the microbes in active Living Walls do the majority of contaminant breakdown, there are many reasons why NEDLAW includes plants in our systems:

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