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Solar Wall

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Solar Wall

SolarWall by Conserval Engineering Inc.

The SolarWall system is an active solar thermal renewable energy system that works by harnessing solar radiant energy from a building's exterior walls. It is a solar air heating system that utilizes a perforated metal absorber that is wall-mounted and building integrated. The tiny perforations allow air to be drawn in an air cavity, and as the outside air passes through the wall it absorbs heat energy collected on the wall surface. This preheated air may then be used by the building ventilation system where it offsets the conventional heating load. The solar wall should be located on South facing walls to achieve maximum solar gain and must also have a mechanical fan as part of the system driving the air flow. The result of this system is a reduction in the utility supplied energy costs required to heat building ventilation air. 

How it is used in the school:

Solar Wall DetailA 16 m2 area section of solar wall is located on the corner of the South facing exterior wall of the second level science classroom. The solar wall is not easily noticeable as it blends in with the adjacent exterior metal cladding on the school. A duct connection from air handling unit (AHU) #3 draws outside air in through the solar wall to be preconditioned prior to entering the AHU during the heating season. In the cooling season when heating is not required, the incoming outside air bypasses the solar wall and enters the AHU system through an alternate wall opening. 

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