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Daylighting and Daylight Harvesting


Daylighting is the practice of placing windows, other openings and reflective surfaces so that, during the day, natural light will provide effective internal lighting. It is the use of natural daylight,t as a primary source of illumination, that further reduces the need for artificial lighting to support human activities. Daylighting solutions can be challenging as they are an exercise in glare avoidance. Effective daylighting has been shown to save energy, improve productivity, have a positive effect on Student and Teacher performance and increase comfort and visual environment quality. From a LEED new construction rating system requirement and perspective, part of the design objectives included the following:

Various Daylighting solutions and devices as listed below are incorporated in the design of the School:

Daylight Harvesting

Daylight HarvestingDaylight Harvesting is a primary daylighting strategy to use an automatic lighting control system to adjust indoor lighting to match changes in available daylight.  Artificial lighting energy use can be reduced by simply installing fewer electric lights because daylight is present, or by dimming/switching electric lights automatically in response to the presence of daylight.  These systems are typically designed to maintain a minimum recommended light level that will vary according to the needs of the space.

All daylight harvesting systems use a light level sensor, a photosensor, to detect the prevailing light level, luminance or brightness.  Photosensors are used to integrate the electric lighting system with a daylighting system so lights only operate when daylighting is insufficient.  The signal from the photosensor is interpreted by the lighting control system module, an automated light switching device, in the electric lighting system which can reduce the electric lighting, by shutting off or dimming fixtures as appropriate.

The above design strategies are incorporated throughout the building. 

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