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Human Powered Energy

Dr. Suzuki Public School encourages students to participate in daily physical activities for their well-being. At this school, students have an opportunity to use human energy to power television screens with DVD players.

The energy generated from a pedal power bicycle generator is 12 to 50 volts DC. A Television can be powered up by this bicycle generator through a power converter box which changes the energy to regular AC 110V that you use when you plug your television into the wall. AC inverters have built in voltage input protection that allows for safe operation of your AC powered item.  A battery is used to store the power generated in order to ensure the television receives an even source of power.

Typically the average person is able to run about 25% efficiency. This means that for every Watt produced by a bike generator, the person doing the pedaling is putting out 4 Watts.  So if the student is pedaling to provide 80 Watts to the television, the body is really running at 240 Watts.

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