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VAWT Wind TurnbineVbine has built a 5KW vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VWAT) we have solved many of the problems that have plagued Vertical axis over the last 5 years. We have applied for some 4 worldwide patents on the design. Our intellectual property is very unique and very strong. What makes our product different from the traditional horizontal axis wind turbines(HWAT) is the following points.

  1. Self starting in low wind 1.2 meter per second or about 2 miles an hour
  2. Does not have to turn into the wind to start turning, takes wind from any direction.
  3. Small foot print, less than 3 meters wide
  4. Produces full power at 11 meter per second
  5. Low rate of rotation 120 rpm to produce 5kw about 35 MPH tip speed compared to a tip speed of up to 190 miles an hour for HWAT
  6. Safe for the environment (Birds Bats)
  7. Low Noise 66db at 15 feet (less than the noise in the cab of a new Chevy Truck at idle)
  8. Operates in extreme conditions Due to low rotation speed
  9. Roof mountable on commercial buildings (we are installing a unit on the roof of the David Suzuki School in Windsor On)
  10. We have applied for certification from the Canadian Wind Institute to certify our KW and power curve
  11. No shadow flicker (has been blamed for everything from headaches to heart problems)
  12. The top of our Turbine does not rotate making it an excellent and only fit for Telecom towers
  13. Does not give off any RMF as the rate of rotation is low, also makes for the right choice for telecom towers
  14. No Maintenance, because there is no drive shaft there are no brushes bushings or slip rings to wear out, only 2 long life sealed bearings expected to give 20 years of life.

Vbine Energy

What differentiates us from other vertical axis turbines is the following

  1. No drive Shaft
  2. No brushes or bushings or slip rings (no moving parts except 2 long life bearings)
  3. A blade design that truly self starts in low wind yet capture the horse power out of the high wind (one of our patents)
  4. A unique Blade configuration to capture maximum power on smallest swept area (part of our 2nd Patent)
  5. Each blade produces power on 180 degrees out of the 360 degree rotation
  6. The center shaft does not rotate allowing for easy stacking of turbines on a single tower
  7. Extreme Durability

Download the Vbine Energy Generator Assembly PowerPoint Slideshow.

Download the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine PowerPoint Slideshow.

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