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Wilk Associates Landscape Architecture LtdWilk Associates Landscape Architecture Ltd is a full service landscape architectural firm. Our mission statement is "to provide safe, environmentally and esthetically pleasing spaces, for all people to live, work and recreate." Our core values are simply client service, best practices, integrity, and quality design. Each project is approached with the same principles and desire to achieve the best solution.  The design principles that we adhere to create landscapes that target lower maintenance and are seasonally esthetically pleasing, user and environmentally friendly.

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Principle Terry Wilk has over 30 years national and international professional experience as a Landscape Architect and is a full member of the OALA and the CSLA.

Wilk Associates Landscape Architecture Ltd.  designed the Green Roof area of the Dr. David Suzuki Elementary school in Windsor Ontario. There are three green roof areas; an accessible outdoor teaching area for interactive learning, an accessible vegetated roof area with a  boardwalk and sitting area that can be used for teaching  and  a non-accessible area comprised of wild flowers, native grasses, and bird houses to attract nesting song birds. All plant materials used are indigenous to the region.

Download the Green Roof Landscape Plan.

Download the Green Roof Plant List.

Tremco IncorporatedThe two green roofs of the school are truly amazing indeed! Both contribute to energy savings and other benefits of the white roof, with additional benefits of stormwater management and habitat restoration. Providing habitats is key to improving our local biodiversity.

Both Green roofs consist of Tremco's TRA Trem-Lar® LRM fully-adhered waterproofing membrane. This system combines a stand-alone waterproofing coating with a single-ply reinforced membrane. The system is cold applied to reduce fire risks, is elastomeric to be flexible and resist thermal shock and splitting, and fully bonded to reduce the potential for water to migrate under the membrane surface.  The system is fully adhered and with the root barrier and insulation on top. This configuration is called a protected roof membrane assembly.  The insulation provides the utmost protection from the external weathering elements such as UV light and temperature changes.   

Bioroof EcoSystem™Both green roofs incorporates the BioRoof Systems EcoSystemTM vegetated roof assembly. This includes a root barrier to protect the waterproofing components from potentially damaging roots, the insulation, stormwater retention panels, a horizontal air layer and filter-fabric to prevent the growing medium from passing through the system. BioRoof  BioRetention panels are 2" in depth and when combined with the 6" of growing medium, achieve a stormwater retention figure of 1.5 gallons of water per square foot! The BioMix EcoBlendTM growing medium is a lightweight, biologically populated, soil-less mix of organic and inorganic material that will support a wide variety of plant growth, retain and remediate storm water run-off.

Green Roof CompositionThe North Green Roof will be inaccessible roof meadow, composed of herbaceous perennial seeds including succulent ground cover, flowers, grasses and bulbous plants. These will have excellent resistance to cold, dry and other extreme conditions. 

The second green roof is the outdoor classroom. This will feature a similar green roof assembly, but will incorporate a viewing box to see the green roof components, planters and walkable pavers, so that students may interact within the confines of the garden. Students will learn about plant biology, insects and pollination, even agriculture! This is truly a rooftop laboratory, bringing kids closer to nature while providing a hands-on ecological education.

Both these green roofs contributed to achieving a multitude of LEED points. These include:

Greater Essex County District School Board