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White Roof

Tremco IncorporatedWhite RoofThe white roof is Tremco's BURmasticTM cold-applied built-up roofing system. This system combines Tremco's expertise in asphalt blending technology and felt production to produce a continuous lay built-up roof system without the need for hot application techniques. The roof consists of a roof board and vapour barrier covering the metal deck. Atop are two layers of insulation, one mechanically fastened at 2" thickness (with an R-value of 12.1), and the other at 2.5" (at R-15.3) adhered with Fas-N-FreeTM to reduce thermal bridging, which would lead to heat loss. The insulation is covered with fibreboard before having the built-up membrane installed. When BURmastic Adhesive is combined with the BURmastic Composite Ply, it produces the highest quality, cold applied built-up roof available. The BURmastic Composite Ply is a unique glass-polyester carrier. This system, unlike many with glass plies, is applied directly from the roll without the need to cut and relax the ply sheets. This assures more continuous layers of waterproofing and a maximum in productivity during application. Flashings are covered with Tremco's TRATM reinforced Elastomeric Sheeting. The BURmastic system is FM/UL listed.

Parapet Wall Flashing DetailThe top coat is the Rock-ItTM surfacing system, comprised of white gravel called Calcite combined with a one-in-a-kind low solvent-based white adhesive. A white roof helps to improve the school's energy efficiency by minimising heat gains into the building, as well as reducing the impact the building has on the surrounding environment. This equates to cost savings for all! While other light-coloured gravel surfaces have achieved up to 40 percent reduction of incoming solar radiation, the Rock-It Calcite, which combines excellent reflectivity and emissivity properties, ensured the roof would achieve the required solar reflectance index (SRI) number of 78. The Rock-It surfacing system provides the benefits of the highly-reflective roof often found in single-ply roofing with the durability of a built-up roof. The Rock-It system is the only light coloured gravel to qualify for ENERGY STARĀ® and meets the stringent requirements of the Cool Roof Ratings Council's 24 energy-efficiency standards.

This reflective roof system helped to obtain LEED points for Energy & Atmosphere credits and Materials & Resource credits. This system is helping the school to reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect and air conditioning loads, and because it is a non-asphaltic-based adhesive, reducing the demand for crude oil and asphalt-based products. The total roof assembly achieves a Thermal Resistance, or R Value, of over R-30.

Greater Essex County District School Board