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About Earth Keepers

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Geothermal heating and cooling systems, solar panels, a wind mill, grey water recovery and reuse systems, GPS tracking skylights, solar light tubes, a highly reflective roof . . . the list of energy and environmental technologies which are elements of the new Dr. David Suzuki Public School in Windsor, Ontario is long and impressive.

When it opened in September 2010, Dr. David Suzuki Public School was the first LEED platinum school building in Canada, one of a select few in North America, and a magnet for architects, planners, designers, educational facility developers and others interested in learning about the newest and most effective energy and environmental green building systems.

Dr. David Suzuki Public School has been designed to be a demonstration project, intended to inform and inspire the future of other educational, institutional, commercial and private building initiatives.
While older students in this exciting new elementary school will be able to track and monitor the building's energy and water use, many of these wonders of sustainable building practices will not yet be understandable to much of the younger student population. For this reason, and to inspire the students and community as a whole, Dr. David Suzuki Public School will also demonstrate how an entire school building can inspire learning.

The school has been designed to reflect five distinct natural life zones in Canada - the Arctic, the temperate forest, the great plains, the mountains and marine habitats. Throughout the building very special features have been incorporated to reflect these natural areas. From the full-sized replica whales in the lobby, to the Carolinian forest wall in the main hallway, the two giant acrylic globes in stairwells and massive photographic images of Canadian landscapes - these elements add exceptional touches to this amazing building.

When you have a one-of-a-kind building which is generating excitement and interest throughout Canada and beyond - you know that you are going to be hosting many groups and individuals and will need to demonstrate how new school buildings can teach too.

Not to mention that your building has been fortunate to carry the name of Canada's foremost environmentalist - a man with a world-wide reputation for promoting our stewardship of our planet and the wonderful array of living things with which we share it.

The theme of Earth Keepers has been an important aspect of Dr. David Suzuki Public School. It provided the inspiration for the design - a transparency whereby children and adults alike can see how a school building can incorporate both green building technologies and an environmental ethic. The theme reinforces the identity of the building as Canada's foremost environmentally sensitive, energy efficient school facility and establishes a new concept in education - a school where the building teaches too!

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