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LEED Product Requirements

Leed Points Affected:


Activities Included:


Schedule P1 - complete schedule and supporting documentation (Letters from suppliers, for all products/materials listed.
Schedule P2
- complete schedule of all concrete mix designs as well as indicating concrete strengths after 28 days, amount of portland cement used, and whether the mix is air entrained.
Schedule P3
- Complete schedule of all concrete mix designs, amount of concrete by mix, cost of concrete and cost of formwork.
Total Construction cost
- Total construction cost associated with divisions 2 through 10.

Product Requirements:

Recycled Content

Select products/materials that contain recycled content (either post-consumer and/or pre-consumer minimum content values by mass) and that fall within divisions 2 through 10.

Regional Content

FSC Certified Wood

Rapidly Renewable Content

Select products/materials such that > 5% (by cost) of all products/materials used for the project contain rapidly renewable content (ie. materials that grow or regenerate in less than 10 years

Adhesives and Sealants

All adhesives and sealants that are applied onsite and fall inside the building weatherproofing system must have a VOC (volatile organic compound) content less than limits set by LEED® requirements.

Download LEED® Product Requirements PDF.

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