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Princess Anne / Concord

Dr. David Suzuki was the result of the closure of two smaller schools in a more established residential neighbourhood on the east side of the City of Windsor.

Concord Public School

The first school, Concord Public School, was itself created, in 1987, by the closure of John McRae and Prince Charles Public Schools. During this time, the parents of the new school wanted to chose a name for the new building that represented different school communities coming together to form one harmonious group.

During this time, the Concorde jet landed in Windsor for the first time. The parents found out synonyms for Concord included peace, unity and friendship and this name was unanimously chosen for their new school.

These words, Peace, Unity and Friendship were incorporated into the school's logo by 7th grade student, Carrie Michaluk the first year the school was opened.

This school officially closed on June 25, 2010.

The second school, Princess Anne Public School, was built in 1956 by the Board of Education for the Town of Riverside. The architect was Johnson-McWhinnie and the school was built to alleviate overcrowding in Prince Charles and Princess Elizabeth Public Schools.

During the dedication ceremony on December 7, 1956, Mr. G. F. Mann, Superintendent of Windsor Public Schools announced that this school was state of the art with an automatic gas furnace, exhaust fan ventilation, fire alarm system for safety, outside doors with panic bar safety locks and the latest type of lighting to eliminate shadows and dark areas.

Princess Anne had three additions since the original building was constructed. These were added in 1959, 1960 and 1970.

Princess Anne Public School was demolished in March of 2009. See Video and Pictures of the Demolition.

The new Dr. David Suzuki Public School is now located on the Princess Anne Site.

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