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AquaTech Sales & Marketing Inc.

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The Greater Essex County District School Board would like to recognize and thank these firms or individuals for their generous contributions towards the Dr. David Suzuki Public School.

Aqua TechAquaTech Sales & Marketing Inc. was established in 1980 by owner and President Bill Palamar. Since it's inception as a manufacturer's Representative Agency in plumbing and Hydronic heating, the company has expanded into the distribution of Hydronic Heating. AquaTech Sales & Marketing Inc. is proud to represent Zurn Industries and our ever changing market, Zurn has had the foresight to adapt to our changing market requirements especially when it comes to Water Conservation. Zurn was the first company to introduce a Pint urinal system that only uses 1/8 gpf per flush which is over 85% in water savings, they have introduced a 1.28 gal water closet system which saves 40% in water savings, they introduced a Hydro-Generator for the faucets and also now for and water closet and urinal flush valve so now there is no need for wasting batteries or using transformers along with many other water saving fixtures. Zurn has also dedicated a separate web site to water conservation called "Stand Up For The Earth", the primary mission of Stand Up For the Earth is to help organizations reduce their environmental impact and to recognize those that achieve this commitment. We are proud of the reputation we have developed through the past 30 years of business and welcome the challenges which lay ahead.

ZURN®Today's building owners and facilities managers face increasing cost challenges, one of which is reducing water consumption. our EcoVantage® series provides a mix of innovative LEED/ Green listed products including water-free urinals, 1/8 gallon ultra low flow urinals, high efficiency (HET) pressure-assist toilets and 1.28 ultra low flow flush valve fixtures. Lavatories can be installed with self-generating sensor faucets, metering faucets, and low flow pressure compensating aerators that deliver the same level of performance as traditional fittings with minimal water consumption. These products can be installed for new construction or retrofitted to existing installations to lower building costs and provide long-term savings.

Zurn sensor washroom technology

Buildings can be updated to the latest Zurn sensor washroom technology that reduces bacteria transfer and increases restroom hygiene. Our AquaSense line of flush valves and sensor faucets provides battery or hardwire solutions. Zurn's sensor technology is reliable and provides building owners with a variety of application choices.

Zurn EcoVantage®  fixture systems can be easily configured. A custom designed, internet-based computer modeling program allows the user to quickly mix and match components depending on need and performance requirements. The user can register by contacting your local Zurn sales representative for access authorization. The program enables a user to configure the fixture and brass components to meet specific design applications. The program incorporates an internal mapping system that minimizes component pairing errors and assists in creating the perfect fixture system for your building.

Zurn provides peace of mind by standing behind the entire installation. Zurn adds value to the entire supply chain from product selection, quality performance, and delivery. EcoVantage® Systems can be custom packed and tagged to keep components and fixtures together, therefore eliminating installation errors and job sorting.

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