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Vbine Energy

Donator Level Oak Tree

The Greater Essex County District School Board would like to recognize and thank these firms or individuals for their generous contributions towards the Dr. David Suzuki Public School.

Vbine EnergyVbine Energy has developed the world's first direct drive vertical axis wind turbine. Vbine's Turbine uses patented technology to deliver 5 kw of power while providing unmatched durability and performance in lower wind applications. With a patented blade design that truly starts on its own with just a breeze and still draws the maximum horsepower from the wind. Vbine has built a 5kw generator with unmatched durability and low maintenance. Ideally suited for applications that require the utmost safety, Vbine's low tip speed and stealth quite operation make it a perfect choice for urban settings with either a grid tie application or battery charge controller for remote installations. The direct drive technology and low rotation speed lends itself perfectly to inline installations on communication towers. ( a firsts for the industry ) Vbine is proud to be selected by the Dr. David Suzuki Public School to showcase its new Turbine. 

Greater Essex County District School Board